Message from the Vice Dean

Dear Applicants and Friends, 

Thank you for your interest in Duke-NUS Education. As I recall all that has happened at Duke-NUS during our very short history, I am heartened to see the remarkable achievements of our students and faculty in clinical work, research and education. As you browse through these pages, you’ll certainly find a dynamic, innovative and fun place to learn and work. However one of the things that hasn’t changed since our beginnings in 2006 is our belief that Singapore needs a new breed of physicians who can not only care for patients, but also solve some of the pressing problems our healthcare system faces today.

Old solutions for today’s medical problems are no longer going to be enough. The increased expectations of patients, a rapidly ageing population, rising healthcare costs and a myriad of other factors are all forcing physicians to relook healthcare practice. Singapore needs physicians who are able to determine what is most appropriate for patients in Singapore. Best practice in other parts of the world may not necessarily translate into optimal outcomes for Singaporeans.

Sadly, most medical schools haven’t fundamentally changed in 100 years to meet these new demands on physicians. Traditional medical education is almost entirely focused on memorizing facts and rote learning of what is considered best practice. At Duke-NUS, we equip our graduates with critical and creative thinking skills expected of physicians in the future, so that they are able to ask the right questions, push boundaries and discover ways to meet challenges. Some of our students will learn laboratory-based basic science skills, others will undertake research at the bedside or develop expertise in areas such as health policy and quality improvement. Whichever area you choose, we hope that you will be able to develop the skills needed to navigate an increasingly complex medical landscape.

We welcome students with unique strengths from varied academic backgrounds, and nurture this diversity to give our students the opportunity to impact medicine in different ways. As a Duke-NUS student, you will gain strong research, leadership, and teamwork skills that will allow you to proficiently practise medicine and/or improve the practice of medicine - not only for your future patients, but also for the healthcare system as a whole.

Duke-NUS is unlike any other school in the world, with its innovative approach to education and world-class research opportunities. I encourage you explore our website to find out more about us and how we can shape your passions into skills that will enable you to touch lives and truly make a difference in this world. 


Robert Kamei, MD
Vice Dean, Education