The Research Affairs Department at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore is a department within the Office of Research. Its main role is to provide research administration support to faculty members under the Research Office. The key support functions of the Department include the following:

Faculty Matters

  • Recruitment and appointment of research faculty
  • Providing secretariat support to the Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee
  • Nomination of faculty for research awards

Research Agreement Matters

  • Coordination with the NUS Industry Liaison Office and NUS Office of Legal Affairs to facilitate the review of agreements including material transfer agreements, research collaboration agreements, confidentiality agreements, invention disclosures, memoranda of understanding, service agreements and lease agreements

Research Administration Matters

  • Providing secretariat support to the Scientific Advisory Board
  • Administration of Duke-NUS internal research grant programs
  • Administration of PhD student scholarships
  • Organization of the Duke-NUS Signature Seminar Series
  • Coordination of itineraries for international visitors
Name: Dr. Sharon Kuah Su-Lynn
Designation: Director, Research Affairs
DID: 6516 8651
Name: Ms Hoo Kuwan Yee
Designation: Manager, Research Affairs
DID: 6516 3799
Name: Ms Jacqueline Goh
Designation: Assistant Manager, Research Affairs
DID: 6601 2275
Name: Ms Deborah Chen Zhili
Designation: Executive, Research Affairs
DID: 6516 7385
Name: Ms Amanda Ong Tse Woon
Designation: Executive, Research Affairs
DID: 6516 4903
Name: Ms Zhang Jingyang
Designation: Executive, Research Affairs
DID: 6516 8395
Name: Ms Maria Isabella Adytanthio
Designation: Administrative Assistant, Research Affairs
DID: 6516 7255
For gifts-in-kind (shares, planned gifts, IT and lab equipment etc) or other any enquiries, please contact Mr. Dickson Lim at 6516 6696 or to discuss your gift.