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7 Dec 2012


22 Nov 2012

Education is no longer just for the wise and experienced. The Academic Medicine Education Institution (AM•EI), launched on 6 September in conjunction with Teachers’ Day, hopes to build a community of excellent educators, and it’s got its sight set on the young generation.

22 Nov 2012

In the recent SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress, Dr Tay Ee Guan and Assoc Prof Sandy Cook were actively involved. They defined areas where challenges can be addressed and where further progress can be made.

22 Nov 2012

A mentor taught me to never take short cuts and be as thorough and efficient as I can. If you simply go through the motions and steps that you have been taught in school, you might miss certain things or not completely understand what a patient needs. This will also lead to poor patient compliance and hence, poor outcomes.

21 Nov 2012

Duke-NUS Case Study: Implementing Team-Based Learning for Medical Students