MD Program

Welcome to Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School!

We are delighted to tell you more about our school. In this website, you’ll meet some of our outstanding students, faculty and staff, and learn more about the innovative educational programs we have developed. Our school’s mission of “transforming medicine, improving lives” coupled with our educational values reflect the emphasis we place on independent and team learning, advocacy of patients and their community, as well as critical and creative thinking skills.

Our programs are specifically designed to make our graduates successful in tomorrow’s medical world in the following ways:

  • We emphasize developing creative thinking skills, not memory skills.
    We believe medical education is more than just memorizing facts; more importantly, it should critically examine facts and build creative thinking skills. To this end, we use an innovative yet rigorous team-based learning platform called TeamLEAD. TeamLEAD – which stands for Learn, Engage, Apply and Develop – describes how our students and faculty work and exemplifies the innovative spirit of our school.

  • Our instructional design is not another form of problem based learning.
    Instead, our faculty actively helps guide our students in what to learn and applying that to clinically relevant situations, thus allowing them to go where their curiosity takes them and pursue their own interests.
    Read about the Duke-NUS Case Study by AAMC HERE.

  • Our students work in teams because successful doctors of the future need to know the importance of teamwork.
    We leverage faculty members in other fields like business and aviation to enhance our students’ understanding of teamwork in the real world. Student grades are a combination of both individual and group efforts and responsibilities.

  • The 3rd year of our curriculum is devoted to individual research.
    This unique year allows our students to pursue a personal medical interest in greater depth and provides them with the skills to pursue that interest in a scholarly way.

  • Our students are not only involved in studies, but develop a deep understanding of their role in the community.
    Duke-NUS students initiate and participate in many different community efforts to serve others.

I invite you to chase your curiosity and browse this site to learn more about Duke-NUS. If you are a prospective applicant, everything you need to know about completing and submitting your application can be found in our Admissions section.

I think you’ll agree that what we are doing is exciting, dynamic and relevant. We make the hard work of learning medicine great fun and enriching.

Robert Kamei, MD
Vice Dean Education

For gifts-in-kind (shares, planned gifts, IT and lab equipment etc) or other any enquiries, please contact Mr. Dickson Lim at 6516 6696 or to discuss your gift.