AMRI provides the scientific support necessary for the career development of clinician scientists and clinician investigators. Some of the programs offered are the following: 

Khoo Scholars Program

This program is designed to develop the research careers of entry to mid-level clinicians and other scientists who aim to develop competitive grants or grant renewals. This program supports the creation of a mentoring team for each Khoo Scholar to facilitate research career development. For more information regarding the program click here.

Josephine Quek, Senior Executive
Office: +65 6516 7259

Voice Annotated Presentations (VAPs)

VAPs are recorded power point presentations that have been converted into small portable files providing easy online streaming. The VAP content and the associated learning modules are aimed at a wide range of audience including medical students, residents, clinical scientists, medical practitioners and other health care professionals. For more information regarding VAPs, click here

Dr Silke Vogel, Associate Professor 
Office: +65 6601 2496

Grant Pre-submission Review

AMRI provides pre-submission review of grant applications to be submitted for external funding (if requested by the investigator). These written reviews identify the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal and suggest improvements. Reviews are confidential, voluntary, and often by experts outside Singapore. 

Dr Sumita Anant, Associate Director
Office: +65 6601 2675

Medical Editing

Medical editing support for research grants application and journal articles is available for AMRI members. This support includes checking and editing for (a) structure, organization and flow of content in the document, (b) errors including grammatical, punctuation and spelling, and (c) formatting requirements of the journal. 

To request medical editing support, applicants must  view the VAPs on How to write a peer-reviewed journal report or Developing Research Grant Proposal ( before placing the request. The request form can be obtained from the contact given below. The form needs to be duly completed and sent to the contact. After confirmation of feasibility of request, the draft can be sent for editing to the medical writer. 

Taara Madhavan, Associate
Office: +65 6601 2769

Idea Development Seminars

Idea Development Seminars are designed to assist less experienced investigators in formulating long term research plans, defining specific smaller research projects, and converting these ideas into doable steps (i.e. research proposal that can be funded).

Protocol Development Seminars

Protocol Development Seminars, also called Research rounds at KKH, provide an avenue at which new research proposals and those that failed to obtain competitive funding are presented and honed. The aim is to create high caliber well thought out proposals before submission for competitive funding. These seminars, with PI permission, may engage outside (non-Singaporean) experts to review their proposals, once they are “well-formulated”.

For gifts-in-kind (shares, planned gifts, IT and lab equipment etc) or other any enquiries, please contact Mr. Dickson Lim at 6516 6696 or to discuss your gift.