About the Duke-NUS SingHealth Academic Medicine Education Institute

The need to continually enhance the healthcare teaching environment and raise standards in healthcare education has led Duke-NUS and SingHealth to establish the Academic Medicine Education Institute (AMEI).  As a joint institute, AMEI brings together educational expertise from Duke-NUS and SingHealth as a community of excellent educators and leaders in education, committed to excellence in teaching and learning.

AMEI aims to build a pool of clinician educators who are passionate in developing and nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. Tailored to the needs of clinician educators of all levels, it offers faculty development programs to sharpen teaching skills including bedside teaching approaches; spur innovation in pedagogical methods and curriculum; promote and support educational research to improve teaching methodologies and improve learning outcomes.  The AMEI recognizes and supports the academic advancement of outstanding clinician educators by providing resources and opportunities for them to increase their competency and academic impact. Essentially, it equips educators with best teaching practices that would draw out the best of the students, and also inspire educators to transform tomorrow’s healthcare education.

The AMEI is an inclusive organization catering to inter-profession learning and welcomes all doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and all who are contributing to education. With multi-disciplinary and inter-profession learning, AM•EI encourages exchange and cross-fertilization of ideas and facilitate the development of innovative methods of teaching to advance healthcare education as a whole.

In the spirit of generativity, the ultimate goal of the AMEI is to develop excellent healthcare educators who can contribute to building up other healthcare professionals in a vibrant learning environment that promotes care innovation and improved outcomes. The AMEI represents the heart of excellence in teaching and learning within SingHealth and Duke-NUS.

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The AM•EI was officially launched on 6 September 2012. Click here to see the event highlights!

Our Mission

Support the educational activities of the Academic Clinical Programs

• Facilitate synergy and efficiency in the educational programs at SingHealth and Duke-NUS
• Develop, mentor and retain the best educators for our students, residents, other trainees and faculty
• Stimulate and support the development of innovative educational programs

Our Goals

• Create a vibrant  community
• Facilitate synergy between educational groups
• Support educational programs delivered by Duke-NUS and SingHealth
• Recognize and promote excellence in medical & healthcare education
• Support  development  of teaching skills and educational scholarships

Our Values

• Support a vibrant community of Educators
• Generativity  
• Continual Improvement


Speech by Prof Bob Kamei, Director, AM•EI
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For gifts-in-kind (shares, planned gifts, IT and lab equipment etc) or other any enquiries, please contact Mr. Dickson Lim at 6516 6696 or dickson.lim@duke-nus.edu.sg to discuss your gift.